if you are here you must got interested on my posts and stuff and probably got interested in me (okay, don't take the 1st part of my presentation so seriously). I just can't be so moderate all the time. I'm Mariana, born and raised in Brazil (that cool tropical country that you might have seen it on TV or Instagram for the younger ones). I'm 27 years old, have a good sense of humor and since I've known myself as human being I remember liking English. According to my mother I always wanted to be a teacher (it was the first profession I mentioned about it) I tried to challenge myself with physics because I'm super fascinated by the universe (yes, I think almost all of us go through this phase) But unfortunately, I realised that I don't click with numbers, not much as I click with literature arts and teaching. Yes, the universe saying: "Mariana, don't try to run away from the things you've always identified with, because those things always find their way back to you." I accept this now! I have been studying English officially since 2009, and at that time I took a traditional English course. I studied at that school for 5 years, which helped me a lot with the basics (in the beginning), but it was limited like all traditional courses out there, (sad but true). When I got graduated from that English school I thought already knew everything about English, but living in a Portuguese speaking country, you can imagine what happened... Yeah, my English got rusty! I could understand almost everything but I couldn't say ANYTHING. To all intents and purposes I've been improving and immersed in English again for 3 years now, and I want to teach (a dream that is turning into reality right now). Therefore, you are welcome on my journey, and I truly hope to help you either on yours! Have fun and stay awesome! xx

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